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System Protect 1.0

System Protect will prevent deletion of custom and system files
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Frequent data loss may occur due to system crashes, accidental deletion, malware activity or simple intrusion. Just imagine what would happen if your son accidentally erased an important report that took you hours to complete. System Protect will prevent deletion of system files or any other that you do not want to lose.

System Protect’s user interface is very easy to use. It looks quite similar to modern antivirus software. In order not to overflow the screen with lots of options, the interface separates functions in different tabs.

First, there is the Protect Center tab that will give you an overview of all the services provided by this software. In addition, you can use it to go straight to each feature’s configuration page. The Protection Mode tab is the core of the software; this is where you can choose protection options for custom and system files. Then, there is the Custom Protection tab, which allows adding custom files and folders to the list of protected items. The other two tabs are intended for updating and setting this application respectively.

System Protect can be configured to start automatically with Windows. It can also be set to download updates from the Internet. In addition, you can protect the application by password.
In my opinion, this application will be welcomed in educational institutions, where many people go to learn how to use computers and accidental deletion of system files frequently occur.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is very easy to use
  • t not only protects your system files but custom files as well
  • It is password-protected


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